Our vision is to become leading talent Recruitment Services for Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing / Industrial, Automotive, Electrical, Construction, Banking, IT and Health Care Sectors across India.


Our mission of placement as a services to connect talent pool to the right opportunities across India which should help reduce income disparity in poor youth and women.


✦ To provide comprehensive Placement Services through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of clients in Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Logistics, Automotive, Electrical, Banking, IT and Health Care sectors.

✦ Bringing candidates and recruiters on one platform.

✦ To become the most reliable source of information on career opportunities in above mentioned sectors.

✦ To provide development programs to help fresh graduates, staff and managers accomplish their goals.

✦ Facilitate students in taking informed decision on career choices in Various sectors.

✦ To organize national and regional HR events such as campus talks, job fairs, talent search programs etc.

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